Hey, I'm Haley!

and i'm so glad you're here

I am a coffee-addicted 21-year-old in love with Jesus Christ, the author of my life's story and the pursuer of my soul. I believe in His saving work on the Cross, which begs me to live a life dependent on His grace and sanctification. Because of His great love, I am filled with love for others, especially their stories.

I am completely and totally head over heels for my hardworking and talented husband, Leighton. I couldn't have asked for a better person to spend this life with. He is empowering, encouraging, and so kind. And even though he gave me a weird last name that no one can pronounce ("Shuh-kwin"), he makes it worth it with his exciting and care-free personality.

 I love to spend my mornings in the gym and really have a passion for simple and healthy living. Most days you can find me eavesdropping in local coffee shops or petting every dog I see. I love to slow down life's craziness with a glass of red wine and trying new recipes in the kitchen. 

 My photography style is all about connecting with emotions and moments in a simple and natural way. I truly have a passion for recording all of life's moments, both the spectacular and the mundane. Every moment works together to tell a story, and I'll work to find all of the pieces that make yours complete. My promise within every session is that I will create I work that inspires, encourages and celebrates every person.

Stories are worth telling; let's start with yours! 

xo, hc