Hey, I'm Haley!


I'm so glad you're here!

I'm Haley, a 22-year-old wedding photographer from the Midwest who's passionate about photographing the reality and beauty of life and its moments. I am in love with Jesus Christ, the author of my life's story and the pursuer of my soul. I believe in His saving work on the Cross, which begs me to live a life dependent on His grace and sanctification.

Because of His great love, I am filled with love for others, especially their stories.


I'm super laid-back!

I'm an INFP which means I'm quirky and awkward and I love to be goofy! I'm at my happiest when I'm outdoors, traveling, or making people laugh! I'm really low-maintenance and I love getting my hands dirty.

Nothing makes me happier than slowing down life's craziness with a glass of red wine and good company.

So if you like adventure, feeling feels, and appreciate the messy and unpredictable moments that make life beautiful, I'm your gal!


I'm all about the real stuff!

My photography style is all about connecting with emotions and moments in a simple and natural way. I truly have a passion for both the spectacular and the mundane and I work hard to document things exactly as they are: unpredictable, weird, and memorable.

I want to capture the way that you feel by letting moments happen and by kicking all the stiff, posed stuff in the butt. Every moment works together to tell a story and I'll work to find all of the pieces that make yours complete.


I'm stupid in love with this guy!

I *literally* could not have asked for or dreamed up a better person to spend this life with. Leighton is empowering, encouraging, and so kind. He challenges me to be the absolute best I can be by going above and beyond to show people deep love and care. He loves me so well and makes me feel like a queen!

And even though he gave me a weird last name that no one can pronounce ("Shuh-kwin"), he makes it worth it with his exciting and care-free personality. Sorry future brides! The winner of the "best husband award" goes to this guy (totally not biased).