Victoria Island, Canada | First Anniversary

Almost a year later and I'm finally posting a few photos from our anniversary in Canada! We Spent the first week of September in Vancouver and the Island of Victoria. I brought my camera, but barely used it. And I'm pretty happy about that. :) There are times when it's so nice to intentionally slow down and soak in the memories rather than perfecting and posing Instagram-worthy photos. 

Instead, we chose to invest in each other and reflect on the last year together. We sat on the dock you see below and had one of our most meaningful conversations. All while swirling our wine glasses and enjoying our makeshift cheeseboard, the sea's waves washing up around us. 

Marriage is a divine adventure. 

And the fact that I have photographed so many couples' "Day Ones" is an insanely humbling experience. 

There's a lot of emphasis on that Day One. What it looks like, how it feels, how "emotional" it is, how much money is invested. There's a lot of talk about Day One. A lot of planning. A lot of stress. Sometimes tears. 

But people forget SO easily about Day Two. Three. 365. 984. And so many beyond. We should start to plan for THOSE days. How to love one another well. How to grow and adapt as each day shifts to the next and the stage of life you find yourself in is drastically different than what it was months or years before. 

The first day is beautiful, but the ones ahead are even more incredible.

I am grateful. Incredibly grateful to have a partner in life that looks forward to every day ahead as we continue to love each other and grow in Christ. But our hope isn't built in the days we spend together here on earth - whether good or bad. 

We look forward to our eternity in Heaven with the God who created our hearts to yearn for Him and longingly wait until our days are no longer numbered and our joy is made complete.