Hi, I'm Haley, the gal behind Haley Chicoine Photography! I'm an INFJ, a homebody, and I can't wake up in the morning without pressing the snooze button 5+ times. I don't follow recipes when I cook (A lot of times I fail, like this time when I tried to make macarons and they were horrible). I drink way too much coffee, and it takes everything in me not to pet every dog I see. By day, I'm a Certified Nursing Assistant and I provide home health care in the home of one of the sweetest families I've ever known. It's an incredibly fulfilling job and one that I never take for granted because it teaches me patience, grace, and kindness. 

I'm married to my best friend, forever lover and biggest supporter, Leighton. He gave me a weird last name (Chicoine = "Shuh-kwin", and don't you forget it!), a new and growing love for the Gospel, and the courage to pursue my dreams, no matter how far-fetched they may seem. I am so grateful to have Leighton as my husband. He's humble, even-tempered and compassionate. He sees my passion for connecting with people and is my biggest cheerleader in photography, even from the wee beginning stages (when I had absolutely no idea what I was doing). And trust me, I had NO idea what I was doing. 

My first paid photoshoot was for my dear friend, Hannah, her husband Scott and newest, tiniest member, baby Ahna. I took the photos on the family camera, sent them all to my iPhone 4s, and edited them on VSCOcam...the app. Like, I edited pictures on a free phone app, saved them, texted them to myself, and sent them to a paying client. (Can't believe I'm confessing this.) But it was a life changing moment when I sent those photos over to that wonderful family and they actually *liked* them.

I realized that I wanted to keep going. It was exhilarating. To see the love, the laughter, and the emotion that every picture brought to me. The hard work that went into that shoot and all of the shoots afterward. I had to keep going. And I did. But don't worry! I have since put VSCO to rest and picked up Adobe Lightroom instead. I launched my website, invested in gear, classes, and friendships and actually started consistently booking clients. 

A lot has changed in these two years. A little blog post can't share the spectrum of emotions that I've experienced, high highs and low lows and everything in between. I've grown so much in my knowledge of this craft with miles and miles of terrain I have yet to tread. This incredible opportunity doesn't ever get boring to me. All of the feelings of inadequacy and timidness melt away when you actually know you're doing what you were called to.