Portland, OR. | May 2017

For what seems like years, because it literally *has* been years, Emma and I have tried to plan a trip for me to come visit the PNW. FINALLY, in May of this year, we finally made our dreams come true and I visited the city that smells like coffee, rain, and wildflowers. 

From visiting Emma's college, staying at her grandma's beach house on the coast, to walking all of the city streets in Portland, I couldn't possibly have picked a favorite aspect of the trip. The caffeine high never left and my rain jacket never came off. And after all was said and done, I moved everything in my suitcase around enough to bring a box of Voodoo Donuts home to Leighton. :') 

Emma, thank you for showing me around your beautiful hometown and for letting me crash in your dorm and steal all the blankets. I'm so grateful to have such an adventurous friend like you. And I'm thankful that even after days upon days of non-stop hangouts, I left feeling closer to you than ever! Love you so much, Emz.