When Keeli, Leighton's mom, invited us kids to join her in Cancún, it was a super easy decision to say heck yes to margaritas and lounging for a week. Leighton convinced me to leave my work behind and simply take my camera to capture memories for us.

But what I didn't expect, 

was that we would end up lounging in the sun next to the sweetest family from Arkansas. And that's where Madison comes in. It just happened to come up in conversation that I was a photographer and happened to have my camera a few floors up. And weeks away from Madison's high school graduation and her not having any senior pictures, I was thrilled to spontaneously embrace the court and the waves. And it was such a blast.

With just a camera, I'm connected to so many people. This business connects me to so many incredible people from across state lines and oceans and I am so humbled and grateful for the blessing it is to use it for others. I almost feel guilty for having a job that doesn't even feel like work when I'm on vacation. It almost almost seems to good to be true. And on top of it all, I have all of the adventurous, caring friends and clients that have brought me here and I'm so, so grateful. :)