Sam and Sophia's day was a genuine look into their hearts and their desire to lead godly lives in a grace-filled marriage. The honor it is to be the photographer who is welcomed into incredible days like this one and called to photograph all of its emotion and beauty never fades for me. And each and every time I look through these photos, I'll be reminded of the joy and the bliss that Sam and Sophia experienced on this day. 

Selfishly, one of my favorite parts about shooting weddings, and especially when I shoot them with Leighton, is being able to listen in on the sermon. Even though we're "working" I have this amazing and unique opportunity to listen to heartfelt vows, scripture and inspiration that draws me back into my own wedding day and my calling as a wife. I'm thankful for a job that so consistently motivates and encourages me on so many deep and spiritual levels. What an incredible, timeless privilege.