Introducing: The Creative Mess


I'm not even going to lie, this project took very little thought to launch; its purpose is so second nature to me. Literally, my whole personality (and business) is built on my desire to celebrate and connect with people. I love to hear people's passions, their stories, their interests, their quirks. I love to seek people out and make them feel important and valued. 

The purpose of this project is to celebrate the amazing, gutsy people that choose to pursue creativity. Through editorial-styled pictures and storytelling, I want to bring light to the rich community of entrepreneurs that Lincoln has to offer. I want to share the background, the work and the heart of the makers and doers who hustle their way through this chaotic mess of creative business. Thanks for joining in the celebration of all of these people. 

It was a giant leap and a whole lot of flailing when I started my photography business two years ago. Will people like my work? Am I worth anything? Is my equipment good enough? What if no one books with me? It's scary to put your heart and soul out and try to put a price tag on it (and wonder if people will like it, let alone pay for it). But it was also the easiest, most natural decision too. And the outcome of this crazy little business has been so fulfilling to me.

I started The Creative Mess because creative businesses are *so* much more than the beautiful products and services that are offered. It's the finance books, the creative block, the balancing of relationships and jobs. It's scary to take that first leap, but when we recognize that the wings we use to fly are so much stronger when they're built from the feathers of community, we can ALL soar.