Daniel Neuman | Graphic Design

Daniel Neuman, the creator behind Neuman Designs (www.neumandesigns.com), has been studying graphic design and crafting his brand for years. Specializing in nature and inspirational themed typography and illustration, Daniel's home studio is where all of the magic happens. 

"I have all my materials, inspiration, and tools in my home office so I would almost consider it the heart to my design. Almost everything I make, create, and design happens in my office."

The walls are littered with graphics, pictures, and pieces from artists who inspire him, like Mark van Leeuwn and Khairul Fikri. Daniel finds beauty in the mundane by picking up old paintings from thrift stores and giving them a fresh face with an inspiring word or phrase laid out in an appealing way. 

"I go outside. I take a break and try to see things from a new perspective. Sometimes when you leave the office and do something unusual is when you get your best ideas. I also try to change out my inspiration or look for new inspiration." 

What started as a hobby has grown into a fully functioning business. With commissioned work for photographers like Ben Ramos and Stephanie Nachtrab, Daniel builds brands for other artists with high-quality, handmade logos, business cards, and more.

But for Daniel, all he wants to do is learn more about design from people that motivate him.

"Design is a journey that will never end. I will never get to a point where I feel like I've learned it all. I am just proud to look back on my journey and excited for where it's going to take me next!"

All business aside, Daniel simply wants to create. To make. To inspire. And when push comes to shove, nature is his muse and all he really is set on doing is spreading love and encouragement to anyone he comes in contact with. 

"I want to be known for spreading positivity and kindness."



If you'd like to get more information about Daniel and his work, please check out his site! He's been published in places like "Unsplash!" and works with really amazing people to create awesome craft shows. 

Website: www.neumandesigns.com

Instagram: @daniel_neuman

Behance: www.behance.net/danielneuman