Machelle Kolbo | Hand-Lettering

Machelle Kolbo's graphic design journey started with wedding invitations. But not just any invite - Machelle started with designing invites for her own wedding. And since that time in 2012, Machelle has since been curating hand-crafted paper goods for weddings, businesses and brands and for her online Etsy shop, MKolboDesignStudio.  

Machelle's Instagram account is filled with bright, modern designs that have common themes like nature, inspirational phrases and feature hand-lettering and hand-drawn graphics. 

"I feel like I'm still constantly learning, which is a good thing. I'm learning new design skills, business skills, time-management, and also learning I can't do it all." 

When I met up with Machelle, she was the most welcoming, hilarious person to be around. She's a wife to Alex, a dog mom to the cutest pup Piper, and has an immaculate office. SO often though, we see the highlight reel on social media. And for Machelle, it's so much more important to her to keep things real instead of keeping things perfect. And sometimes, the business side of being a creative is really just a big, unpredictable mess.

 "I'm a creative, but I also need to keep track of finances, manage projects, shoot photos...the hardest part of being a creative business owner is that you do everything." 

Machelle's mission is to create products that are sources of encouragement to the people who view them or buy them. But in order to do so, Machelle is constantly taking in the world around her and finding new ways of getting inspired to create quality designs and products and continue to love her clients well by giving a fresh face to design work.

"I think one of the things that helps me is you have to take breaks, and know when to take a step back. I know I need to give myself breaks to recharge that creativity and stay fresh." 

But with all of the responsibility and times of chaos that business holds, Machelle's passion hasn't wavered.

"Whether [it's] through wedding invitations, brand identity, custom work, or art prints and products in the Etsy shop, it's my desire to create beautiful, unique and personal designs." 


Want to see more of Machelle's work? Check out the links below (and even buy some cute prints!)