I've known the Stratman family since before the twins, Rachel and Anna, were born! Ever since I first started babysitting for Berean's Classical Conversations homeschooling co-op, I've babysat on and off for the Stratman's and their five adorable kiddos. In fact, once I babysat the twins right after getting engaged and didn't give a second thought to letting one of them try on my ring (which twin it was, I'll never know) and *off* they went to play hide-and-seek. Scariest few minutes of my life. ;) 

Tonight was a wonderful reminder that photography keeps me connected to families I love in so many special ways! It's so, so much fun for me to see this family grow and see the personalities of their little ones develop. They are crazy, wild, loving, and so carefree. So, basically, these kids are exactly what I want to be like when I grow up. :) Thanks for having me along, Stratmans!