But I promise you don’t have to struggle as much as I did, lol! And my years in the industry, I’ve learned a LOT and have a wealth of knowledge I’m dying to share! In my mentorship program we cover topical sections that apply to YOU and how you want to grow. I’m a no-nonsense, no-secrets, overwhelming well of encouragement just WAITING to help you succeed and thrive as you pursue your passion!! 

true story: I edited and delivered my first paid shoot using vsco cam and Imessage.

You want to stand out, do differently, and provide an exceptional experience for your clients. I’m here to give you perspectives + ideas to help you improve + grow! 



Whether it’s client management, increasing your value, or gaining knowledge on booking clients or transplanting a business, I’ve literally *been there done that* and want to show you how! 



If you’re a seasoned photographer reaching burn-out, exhaustion, and feeling overworked, it’s time to take a step back, strategize, and get a second set of eyes on your workflow + portfolio



Why are you here?

I'm so grateful to have the opportunity to work my dream job full-time! Connecting with clients and creating a strong network of referrals has changed my business and allowed me to succeed. My goal is to honor God in all I do and give Him glory in my business!

I'm a Christian, wife, mom, and business owner – in that order. I believe that life is about celebrating both the spectacular and the mundane.

Hey, I'm Haley! Wedding & Portrait Photographer

Meet your mentor

3-hour FaceTime + Edit With Me + Website Critique - $450 (save $150)


2-hour FaceTime - $300 (save $50)


1-hour FaceTime - $175


Mentorship Packages

I only take on a limited amount of mentees per year because I want to stay in contact, create deeply personalized mentorships, and want to give you all my best! 

Jump in, chat, and let’s get to growin’!! 

Ten Spots Available


– Anna K.

“My mentorship call with Haley was WONDERFUL! I felt heard, encouraged and ready to take on the world as a photographer when we finished. She was super sweet, down to earth and overall just fun to hang out with! I would totally recommend Haley's mentorship program to any fellow photographers. She was helpful, able to offer insightful knowledge and advice, and enjoyable to just connect with!”

– Abby N.

“Before chatting with Haley, I was feeling anxious about moving my business to a new state. Using her wisdom and firsthand experience, she crafted a mentorship that made me feel confident and prepared to continue pursuing my passion for photography! The information and encouragement I received from Haley was curated to my unique situation 100% and she genuinely made me feel heard in every sense. I would recommend Haley Chicoine to ANY photography looking to flourish!!!”

– Linsey H. 

"Haley is such a beam of light and poured into me the entire session. She touched on both personal and professional areas I have been struggling with so this was honestly better than I could have ever expected. I felt that the entire session was tailored just for me and I felt so excited to go out and make immediate changes to my business, she gave me 3 challenges that I am implementing ASAP and I can't wait to see the outcome."

– Anna S. 

"Haley was so encouraging and genuinely cared so much about my business and how she could serve me! Haley has a heart that is on fire for serving and caring for others! I would highly recommend her to everyone I know in the photography business. She was that push I needed to get myself on track and help grow & make my business official! so so grateful for our session!!"

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